Astrill Service’s


Astrill VPN provides a suite of services beyond basic VPN functionality, including IDEA 128-bit encryption, pinpoint access control, user-based authentication, key/certificate management and distribution, active content filtering, intelligent logging and reporting, and the ability to secure any TCP or UDP client, including Java, ActiveX, custom corporate, and horizontal business applications. If you have an Astrill coupon code, the price will be much cheaper. Continue reading Astrill Service’s

Super Bowl and Porn, It’s Comcast-ic!

Ever had a story to report that was shocking, offensive, and hilarious all at the same time? Imagine this scenario, if you will:

You’re surrounded by family and friends watching the Super Bowl in your living room on your brand new, HD big screen TV. It’s the Steelers vs. the Cardinals and just when you think the Cardinals have all but lost, an amazing run by Fitzgerald switches the lead to Arizona and you can’t believe it. You watch the screen waiting for the replay, when instead of seeing a ball caught by Fitzgerald, you see a whole other kind of ball, courtesy of Club Jenna. Continue reading Super Bowl and Porn, It’s Comcast-ic!

Phone Geeks Unite – The Asterisk S-Prize Awaits

Digium’s John Todd announced an amazing little contest — The Asterisk S-Prize. Asterisk, the open source VoIP telephony software from Digium, finds itself in small / medium businesses routinely. But more and more, large businesses and enterprises are switching to Asterisk to fulfill their telecommunication needs. With this in mind, Digium announces the S-Prize — geared at designing a single system capable of processing 10,000 call legs. Continue reading Phone Geeks Unite – The Asterisk S-Prize Awaits

VoIP and the Residential Phone Bill

Some say the media sensationalizes our economic woes for their personal gain. Others say the media accurately portrays the extreme financial burdens we find ourselves facing. And some people say, “Hey. I don’t care about anything, I always have and always will try to save money.” With today’s world becoming increasingly digital, VoIP (digital telephone) seems like a naturally good idea. Continue reading VoIP and the Residential Phone Bill

Read the FCC Letter to Google and Google’s response

In case you’re living under a rock, here’s the 20 word or less version:

Google Voice blocks numbers that have high fees, such as free conference calls, etc. AT&T hates this. (17 Words)

So, remember how Google wrote that letter to the FCC complaining that AT&T blocked it’s voice app? Well, look at those tables and watch them turn. FCC now gets to play mommy/daddy to AT&T complaining about Google’s blocking of numbers that AT&T is required to connect. Continue reading Read the FCC Letter to Google and Google’s response